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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  April 21, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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nil florida. the accused murderer of trayvon martin is expected to be out on bond within days. mark strassmann tracks the controversial release. dwrand prix protest. police and demonstrators clash ahead of a high-profile auto race in bahrain. a knife manufacturer responding to pressure from customers decides to bring jobs back home. dean reynolds takes us to the shop floor. and staying alive. charlie d'agata shows us the musical key to hands-only cpr. >> no kissing. >> mason: no mouth-to-mouth required. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> mason: good evening. i'm anthony mason. we begin with the case of george zimmerman, charged with the killing of trayvon martin nearly two months ago. although a bond hearing yesterday set the stage for his release, the door isn't swinging open just yet. mark strassmann is outside the jail in sanford, florida, tonight. >> reporter: anthony, zimmerman does have bond approval, of course, but right now lawyer and police are involved in complicated discussiondiscussions about fre. the judge said he can go into hiding out of state and when he does leave it will likely be through the garage behind me. marx o'mara visited sem nold county jail's most famous inmate today. more than getting zimmerman out quickly, o'mara wants to get him out safety. >> we have a lot of concerns around security. >> reporter: judge lester put restrictions on zimmerman's bond-- no drugs, alcohol, or guns. no contact with trayvon martin's
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family. he'll also have a wear a g.p.s. ankle monitor. zimmerman has received multiple death threats and in court appeared to wear a bulletproof vest. and shellie zimmerman, his wife, testified by phone, because all his family feels vulnerable. >> i have received hate mail. >> reporter: zimmerman supporters include terry jones, a controversial florida pastor. he made headlines last year for burning a koran, and led today's rally with a gun on his hip. this volatile case has drawn other small fringe groups to sanford, worrying city officials. florida's new black panters last month put out a $10,000 bounty for zimmerman's arrest. thomas battles is here to help calm sanford. a so-called peacekeeper part of a little-known unit within the department of justice. its job is to ease community tensions. they were in memphis in 1968 after martin luther king's assassination and in los angeles during the 1992 riots. since last month, they've been
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in sanford. the unit never talks to the media but sanford mayor jeff triplett says they've helped develop a nine-point action plan to deal with protesters and potential unrest. >> we were amateurs. we'd never seen anything like this before and you always look out to someone, look for someone that has seen it and been there for help. and i think, you know, they played a significant role in helping us. >> reporter: as sanford braces for zimmerman's release, many people here have worries, including george zimmerman, worries for his safety and his lawyer said today, worries he also potentially faces a life sentence. anthony. >> mason: mark strassmann, thanks. turning to the presidential campaign, primaries are scheduled in five northeastern states next tuesday with mitt romney now the near-certain g.o.p. nominee attention is focusing on the race in november, which just released campaign finance reports suggest will be the most expensive in u.s. history.
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mitt romney's campaign has spent $77 million to win the republican presidential nomination, but that's not all. restore our future, the super-pac, supporting him chipped in another $45 million, mostly for ads taking down his opponents. >> santorum cosponsored 51 bills to increase spending. >> mason: following a supreme court decision two years ago, spraks can receive and spend unlimited amount of money. so far, 17 billion arizona have donate to the pro-prom me group. swab is the latest. the brokerage house president and his wife steered $$500,000 to the pro-romney superpac last month. bill and richard marriott, the billionaire hotel brothers, have now given $1 million each. and william koch, a billionaire energy company president, $2 million. in all, the pro-romney super pac now has $15 million donors.
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>> you have a few very wealthy billionaires calling the shots. >> reporter: bob farmer was finance chairman for three democratic presidential nominees, john kerry, bill clt, and michael dukakis. he believes the republican challenger is in good position. >> romney has gained the nomination, and as the race tightens, i think his supporters will really around, and i think he'll have plenty of money glaits superpac supporting president obama is off to a slow start, with just $5 million in the bank. but the obama campaign is in good shape. after the president attended a 123 fund raisers it has $104 million. if the money is roughly even, does it matter how much they spend? >> i think there's a point of diminishing returns. by the beginning of november, when election day comes, everybody is going to be so sick and tired of all these negative ads. >> mason: already, there are
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projectionprojections that $1 bn overall could be spent on behalf of each candidate. the utah republican state convention today forced six-term u.s. senator orrin hatch into a primary fight against former state senator dan liljenquist. hatch faced strong opposition from tea party activists, and fell just a few votes short of the 60% needed to avoid a primary. authorities? afghanistan today said they foiled a massive terrorist attack. afghan security forces arrested five men in kabul and seized 11 tons of explosive-grade potassium hidden in a truckload of potatoes. officials say the bomb-making material was smuggled into the country from pakistan. the u.n. security council today unanimously approved a resolution boosting the numbers in syria to 300. they are expected to monitor a cease-fire that so faz has failed to stop the killing. >> reporter: when say
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cease-fire not a cease-fire in when it's in homs. almost constant shelling this week made serious commitment to pull its army back look like a cruel joke and the tiny team of u.n. military observers looked dangerously close to farce. midway through a walk in homs today, shooting erupted. and the observers surrounded by opposition activists were forced into a nervous huddle. this u.n. advance team was supposed to have 30 members. only eight have so far arrived. in towns near damascus, they've been mobbed by desperate citizens. the 300 additional observers approved by the u.n. security council today will help, but they may not arrive for weeks. anyway, 300 isn't likely to be enough, says dr. abdul aziz khayer. >> in no time they will realize
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they need more observers. >> reporter: will the syrian government try and get in their way? >> of course. they will do whatever they can in order to make them ineffective and to supply false information to them. >> reporter: even the kind of diehard regime supporters who turned out at a rally in central damascus on friday, know a cease-fire properly enforced would be a game changer. in fact, it may be syria's last, best hope of avoiding a civil war. that is, if one hasn't already begun. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, damascus. >> mason: bahrain had hoped tomorrow's formula one grand prix race would show the world life had returned to normal in the tiny kingdom. antigovernment protests forced last year's race to be canceled. but as mark phillips reports, the death of a demonstration and new clashes mean this year's
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events are not going as planned. >> reporter: this is the type of road act they wanted the world to be watching. instead, this is the type of road action the world has been seeing-- mass protests from the bahrain opposition movement, which is trying to keep the race from happening. and nightly confrontations between activists and police. this confrontation between the regime headed by its sunni royal family and the largely shiite pop laying has been simmering for more than a year. the decision to hold the race this year, last year's was canceled, has added high-octane fuel to the fight. as has this internet video in which the opposition uses a toy race set and fireworks to warn the government not to go ahead with the race. >> the regime is try deny there is a problem in bahrain.
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they want to use formula 1 as part of their p.r. to say the situation has returned back to normal. >> reporter: the track itself has become a fortress, although at least one of the teams was caught up in a firebombing incident on the way to its hotel. bahrain's crowned prince has tried to justify the decision to go ahead with the race. >> i think cancelling the race just empowers extremists. having the race allows us to build bridges across communities, get people working together. >> reporter: there's not much evidence of working together away from the track where bahrain is accused of systematic human rights violations and of the indiscriminate use of tear gas. the race activity has been taking place before virtually empty stands, but the whole world's watching. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> mason: coming up on tonight's cbs evening news, sharpening the skills of american workers by bringing jobs back to our shores.
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>> mason: manufacturing has been a bright spot in the economic recovery with more than 450,000 manufacturing jobs created over the past two years. what's surprising, dean reynolds tells us, is where some of the jobs are coming from. >> reporter: chuck buck and son c.j. come from a long line of knife makers, dating back to kansas of 1902, and the days of teddy roosevelt. their customers today are cut from the same cloth. >> it's pretty much the hunting crowd, and the outdoor crowd. >> reporter: about a decade ago, buck knives joined the manufacturing exodus and began making their knives overseas. it was cheaper and profits went up. but they didn't reckon what "made in china" would mean to their market. their customers were not happy.
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>> i was upset and sad to see you giving china american jobs when we need them badly. >> reporter: chuck buck says the letters force the them to make a cower correction. >> "buck knives have lost my respect and credibility as a solid u.s. manufacturer." >> reporter: their brand was damaged. >> they just can't stand to have that "c" word on there. >> reporter: the "c" word being? >> being china. >> reporter: the message was loud and clear-- buck knives pivoted and brought their production product and the jobs to their factory in idaho. >> i think there's such an understanding among americans when you buy something made in america, the job you're saving just might be your own. >> reporter: the decision was not solely patriotic. with wages in china rising 20% annually, the numbers began to favor american manufacturing. >> china was a great place to go in 2001 when wages were only 58 cents an hour. wages are risen rapidly, and that means companies are starting to look at bringing
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jobs back to the united states. >> reporter: buck knives is not alone. general electric, cater pillar, and master lock are all bringing jobs back because in addition to the rising chinese waging, rising energy costs makes shipping from china very expensive, good news for the american worker. >> we, over this decade we'll see two million to three million jobs being created in the u.s. because of the shift in the economics between china and the united states. >> i am 100% ready to get out of china. >> reporter: buck has added 20% more people since 2008 while aggressively marketed "made in america." why not? for buck knives it says their products are a cut above. dean reynolds, cbs news, post falls, idaho. >> mason: watergate figure chuck colson has died from complications follow a brain hemorrhage. he served seven months in a prison for another nixon-related
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>> mason: lawmakers in california are considering a bill that would make it easier to fire teachers accused of misconduct. as ben tracy tells us what about our kid? they need to be protected. >> a of a teacher at di's cool iaccused of molesting children. >> he should we should not have that worry of our ciz being safe in a school. >> reporter: in a two-month span, more than 30 school employees were removed from l.a. classrooms with alleged sexual misconduct with students or harassment. eight were arrested. are you surprised by how big the problem seems to be? >> . >> i'm very disturbed by how big the problem is. you walk into a classroom, a
6:51 pm
little guy tells me, "i'm afraid." i can't have that. we cannot have you afraid. >> reporter: the crisis began in late january when third-grade teacher mark berndt was charged with 23 counts of lewd conduct. he is accused of photographing students bound and gag. allegations against berndt were from 1990 yet he remained in the classroom. it seems over time, red flags, blatant warning signs were missed with some of these teaches. do you feel that way? >> i don't know if they were missed or ignored. there's a difference. and ignored is something that i'm greatly concerned about. >> reporter: after a second arrest, daisy relocated the remaining 85 teachers to give the school a fresh start. his office is also reviewing all complaints against teachers in the l.a. school district. an investigation the teachers union calls a witch-hunt. >> our duty is to make sure that good teachers don't have their
6:52 pm
years hurt, don't have their-- don't have their reputations tarnished. >> reporter: this week dais testified in support of a bill to change state law making it easier to fire teachers accuse fd sexual offenses involving children. he also thinks their pension should be revoked. mark berndt will keep his $4,000 per month pension even if convicted. most people listening to that will say that's crazy. what do you think? >> i think it's crazy. you commit a felony with a child in your capacity? i'm not agnorfolk about that and i don't think he should get his pension. >> reporter: parents will be notified within 72 hours when when a teacher is removed from a classroom ow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right.
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6:56 pm
family at windsor castle. tonight cannon fire was replaced by children's art. there's a new effort to bring the british public up to speed on the latest life-saving c.p.r. techniques. as charlie d'agata in london tells us, this ad campaign has been so effect itch, it's gone viral. upon. >> reporter: it's a perfect pitch for soccer star turned hollywood tough guy vinny jones. >> there are times in life when being tough comes in handy. >> reporter: a new campaign by the british heart foundation that you don't need cpr training to save lives it's called "hands own c.p.r." just go hard and fast in the middle of the chest. >> and no kissing. you want to kiss your miss on the lips. >> reporter: vinny told me his misses, wife tanya, is the reason he got involved. >> her heart clasped when she
6:57 pm
gave birth to kayleigh, our little girl, and one doctor gave her cpr, kept her going until the medibs showed up. she had a heart transplant. >> reporter: 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrest every year in where the, 10 times that mayy in the united states. although hal half of the cardiac arrests are witnessed, in most cases no one acts and the survival rate is nearly 0. >> people just don't know what to do. they panic. so -- >> reporter: they freeze. >> exactly. which i think we can all understand. it's very stressful. >> reporter: her advice-- don't hesitate fair moment. just dive in. >> just get on to that chest, push hard and fast to the tune of "staying alive" by the bee gees. >> reporter: it's easy to remember and it's got the right rhythm, even if you don't. >> ha-ha-ha, stayin alive, stayin alive. >> see, you're brilliant. >> my rhythm may need some work but i know what i'm doing.
6:58 pm
>> and forget the messy mouth-to-mouth business. >> i think we completely got over the stigma of know-- you know, ?ogin' some stranger on the mouth,un. although it's the kiss of life. let's get it right. who really knows how to do the kiss of life, properly. hands-on c.p.r. it ain't as hard as it looks. >> reporter: as one doctor put it, if you do nothing they're going to die and you can't make them worse than dead. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> mason: and that's the cbs evening news. later on cbs "48 hours mystery. of i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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